Custom, one of a kind, reproductions of period masterpieces, furniture of all sorts, made for you by a master. Trained on the job with an English Master and with a formal degree in Furniture Making. All pieces are “Bench Made” using family tools passed down several generations.


Serpentine Front Chest of Drawers

I have experience in manufacturing:

  • Tables
    • candle stands
    • game tables
    • tea tables
    • dining tables
  • Chairs
    • Formal
    • Windsor
  • Sofas
  • Cabinet Ware
    • sideboards
    • chest of drawers
    • hutches
    • entertainment centers
  • Bookcases
  • Clock cases
  • Beds
  • Desks

Federal Style Secretary (Butler Desk)

Period reproductions are made using hand joinery such as mortise and tenon and dovetails. Only the best available native and appropriate tropical hardwoods are used. Some limited amount of Santo Domingo Mahogany is in stock (veneer and boards). Glue joints are made with the purest of animal hide glue, one of the strongest glues available. 18th and 19th century tools are used to provide markings as are found on the orignal masterpieces.

Windsor Chairs are made using logs personally harvested in New Hampshire and hand riven, shaped and turned. All chairs are hand shaped, hand assembled and finished with milk paints – Windsor green, Federal red or Victorian black. Antique finishes are also available.


Colonial Style Tavern Table and Windsor Chairs