Ladies Portable Desk – c. 1810

The desk is a reproduction of a piece dating from about 1800 in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. A photograph of the desk, along with a measured drawing, can be found in “Salmonsky’s Masterpieces of Furniture”, Dover Publications, 1953, Plate No. 83.

Many thanks to Nicholas Vincent, Research Associate, American Wing, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for his assistance in providing several detailed photographs of the desk, thus saving a trip across country.

The piece consists of movable box-like desk set at the rear of a small table containing a single drawer. Desk and table are supported by tapered, reeded legs fitted with casters.


Desk: 16 3/4″W x 14 1/4″H x 9 13/16″D

Stand: 17 1/2″W x 22 7/8″H x 14 13/16″D


Primary Woods: Santo Domingo mahogany (veneer and solid) and maple veneer.
Secondary Woods: Eastern white pine.
Hardware: Supplied by Horton Brasses.
Finish: Padded Shellac.

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